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The Framingham School Department can trace its roots back to 1706 when the town hired its first school master, Deacon Joshua Hemenway. While Framingham had its first school master, it did not get its own public school building until 1716. The first high school, the Framingham Academy, opened its doors in 1792; however this school was eventually closed due to financing issues and the legality of the town providing funds for a private school. The first town operated high school opened in 1852 and has been in operation continuously in numerous location throughout the town.[34]

Framingham has 13 public schools which are part of the Framingham Public School District.[35] This includes Framingham High School, three middle schools (Walsh, Fuller, and Cameron), eight elementary schools (Barberi, Brophy, Dunning, Hemenway, McCarthy, Potter Road, Stapleton, Woodrow Wilson), and the Blocks Pre-School.[35] The school district's main offices are located in the Fuller Administration Building on Flagg Drive[36] with additional offices at the King School on Water Street. The town also has a regional vocational high school[37] and one regional charter school.[38] Framingham is also home to several private schools, including Summit Montessori School, the Sudbury Valley School, three parochial schools, including Marian High School, one Jewish day school, and several specialty schools.

Since 1998, when Framingham began upgrading its schools, it has performed major renovations to Cameron, Wilson, McCarthy, and Framingham High School. Two public school buildings that were mothballed due to financial issues or population drops have been leased to the Metrowest Jewish Day School (at the former Juniper Hill Elementary) and Mass Bay Community College (at the former Farley Middle school). Several schools that were no longer being used were sold off, including Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Washington.

Framingham has three colleges, including Framingham State University and Massachusetts Bay Community College's Framingham Campus.

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